The Winners Tower Project

The South Dallas Winning Concept

The Winners Tower will be home to a bank that will have correspondent relationships with a bank in each of 54 African nations. In addition, there will a media broadcast center to relay tell, and share news and narratives to promote our views as they affect and relate to our socio-economic development.

A grocery store for healthy foods, a condo-hotel, and luxury residences including penthouses, to be located on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD, Dallas, Texas.

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Winners Tower is where winners converge to ignite the winning spirit out of every living soul. The last high rise to see when leaving Dallas for Houston and the first to see before one gets to Downtown Dallas – it will be the tallest building between Dallas and Houston on I-45. The prosperity of a city is not to be hidden but displayed.

The Winners Tower on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd is an expression of confidence and a project in honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr reason the Team chose to build on a street named after the iconic leader. It is the DREAM of the TEAM motivated by the mantra – BUILD THE DREAM, which will welcome the world to Sunny South Dallas.

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The Winning Team

Raphel  Adebayo    Project Supervisor
Sherman software specialist
Sherman   Software Specialist
Oleya Lead Advisor Consultant
oleya   Lead Advisor / consultant
Seun design arcitect
Saun   Design Arcitect

The Winners Tower provides quality space for businesses and residential services?

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